Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (on Thursday)

Yes, I missed the Wordless Wednesday prompt, but that seems to be the story of my life lately.  I've taken an unexpected, unplanned vacation from blogging (which I'm trying to get back to on a regular basis - a big thank you to everyone who has stuck with me during the past couple of weeks/months when my posts were scarce), haven't taken many pictures, and haven't done much of what I like to do as far as being creative.  What have I done?  The school year started and my house has an 8th grader (yikes - teenage girl!!) and a 5th grader who have taken over my calendar, my energy, my attention, etc... I love it all - but the school schedules always take us a while to get back into the groove.  We are summer people - a few activites, but not really tied to the clock or a lot of commitments. 

This image was taken recently - I stopped on the side of a country highway and watched the tractors do their work - I think this is the second hay cut of the summer (it still feels like summer around here - 89 is our high today).  The image also reminds me to just take a few minutes and watch what is going on around us.  I was trying to do a bit of quick processing to the image for an intended effect - not sure I'm there yet, but wanted to post anyway.  I know of some who are adamantly opposed to any HDR effects, but I still say that done tastefully it can help bring out some details. 

So, take a minute (or 5) today, stop, look around and just watch something (like tractors) or someone (here's your excuse to people watch) and discover what it going on in the world around your own life.  What did you see?

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