Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Catching Air

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Just realized I used another horse related image; the barn is where I spend a lot of time.
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Review - Misty Gordon and the Mystery of the Ghost Pirates

My son & I read this book (separately) - it is on the 2012-2013 Texas Bluebonnet Award List (congratulations to the author Kim Kennedy) and we loved it.  Although the main character is a girl - she's not too girly and has an adventure while solving a mystery.  Too far fetched to be confused with any real town, however this book includes enough description and continuous action (not to mention writing that read well - flowed) to keep our interest and was an "easy" read (definitely a chapter book - 218 pages, 16 chapters)  My son (5th grade) did not consider it a "girl" book.  The story contained pirates, ghosts, an asylum, crazy townspeople, and a twist at the end.  Will Misty be solving more mysteries in her town?  I don't know what the author has planned; it seemed Misty's adventures could continue, but the story is also good as a stand alone book.  According to Barnes & Noble's website this is the author's first novel, and has collaborated with her brother on several picture books (some about pirates).  She's from Louisiana - so maybe she gets her pirate inspiration from her state's history?  I recommend this book to any 5th grader - boy or girl and any parent who likes a bit of light reading.   We will watch this author for any future novels.

Image from Barnes & Noble website.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Beach Object

Being a little bit adventurous (crazy), my sister and I headed to the beach on a very chilly, windy day last week.  Looking at what washed up, we ran across this very interesting beach item.  I haven't done anything to this image - no cropping, color changes, filters -- this is the way we found it.  We were surprised at what the object really was.  
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Photo Heart Connection - December 2012

December's photo-heart connection image is special not for the photographic qualities, but for my son's activity (or lack of) at this moment.  We were at one of my daughter's many horse riding lessons - this time she was riding out (out in the 10 acre paddock where there are obstacles (trees, uneven ground), jumps, a pond, etc) - and it was cold.  After nearly 7 years of lessons - my son is so over going to the barn, but going out back he found several large pieces of tree bark that had fallen from a dying tree, put them on the ground to keep him dry (it was wet/muddy) and envisioned a "chair" from this fallen branch.  He sat in his "recliner" throughout the lesson - just watching what is going on around him.  Granted he is older now, but to be able to sit and watch and think - without any electronics - is wonderful.  Or on the flipside -- truly a male - able to find a recliner anywhere to sit and relax and watch the show around him.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

What About Photo Challenges/Prompts

Photo Challenges for 2013

Have you given thought to or revisited the photo challenges you signed up for way back in 2012?  Some of the ones I participated in have concluded and won't be restarting in 2013, some I just couldn't find the time for, and some - well they appeared to be so clickish (I wasn't "in" the right inner circle) - so I didn't feel the need to contribute regularly.  I don't have delusions of successfully completing a 365 project, but like the challenge of contributing more - somewhere - so I joined a group on Flickr  (I'm even thinking of being a rebel and not following the suggested prompts either).  However I will continue to participate in a few challenges that I felt the blogger/originator truly wanted to connect with others and took the time to comment on each photo submitted.  With all that being said - here is the first posted photo for 365/2013 (I have taken more, but they are still living in my camera). 

Although it is not a masterpiece - it is a representation of what I often see driving my area's roads - endless pastures and rolls/bales of hay - all enclosed with barbed wire fences.  This particular day (Jan 2) was chilly, drizzling, and grey.  Winter along the Texas Gulf Coast isn't our prettiest time of year - the grass dies and we don't receive any snow to replace all the ugliness with a pretty winter scene - it is mostly mud (sometimes frozen mud).  I put this image into sepia tones to warm it up - for myself.. I don't care for the cold wetness and with this treatment I still project the same feeling - drab - but it doesn't feel as flat. 

I have found a 52 project that I'm hoping will be fun and will strive to contibute more to flickr & the craziness of Instagram.  Let me know how you are feel about continuing with photo challenges - or have you burned yourself out on them?