Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One Small Goal

In Training

We'll be doing the 5K walk - but participating as a family.  We've started training just so we don't fall out before the end.  This will be something we've never done before and we are very excited - a totally new adventure!!  A fun walk will be a personal accomplishment for me before I turn 50 (yikes). 

These fun runs/walks seem like they could get really addictive.  For those of you who do these - why do you participate?  I don't see myself ever running the 10K - shin splint issues from many years ago - but 5K?? who knows!!

Monday, February 4, 2013


A Day of Photo Viewing/Editing

I've spent most of the day looking at images from the past month - using some post processing, creative cropping, etc., just to see how it changes the feeling of the image.  I'm also using it as an excuse to learn a little more about PS Elements (not to mention skipping any household work to be done).  I've uploaded these to my flickr photostream, but wanted to show them here as well.  I'm pleased with these results - going for more of an artsy look to them as opposed to super-sharp snapshots.

A horse running free - creative cropping allowed me to eliminate some background clutter and focus on her face/expression.
Night time riding lesson - hand held - using arena lighting only.

Night time riding lesson - hand held, using only the lights in the arena (and a very fast 50mm f1.4 lens)
Hello barn cat - peaking over the edge of the barn roof. 

I feel as though my approach to photography is evolving and finding its own way.