Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One Small Goal

In Training

We'll be doing the 5K walk - but participating as a family.  We've started training just so we don't fall out before the end.  This will be something we've never done before and we are very excited - a totally new adventure!!  A fun walk will be a personal accomplishment for me before I turn 50 (yikes). 

These fun runs/walks seem like they could get really addictive.  For those of you who do these - why do you participate?  I don't see myself ever running the 10K - shin splint issues from many years ago - but 5K?? who knows!!


  1. I honestly don't ever see myself running again, but I love to walk now and then. I am quite proud of two medals I won (okay, okay...full disclosure: they were won in a librarian race...yes, I was racing against other old cranky librarians!)

  2. I think people participate because it is a fun group activity with simple goals. Our family ran a 5K together three years ago and the activity spawned my kids into more serious runners.
    I personally find running to be very empowering - you gain strength and new confidence. With proper training, you can run the 5K!