Monday, February 23, 2015

Sleet and 70s

Just to give a quick look into my past week, I'm sharing pictures that I took with my phone (not an iphone).   A few of these were also posted on Instagram (love that app).   Although I carried my real camera with me a few times this week, it didn't make it out of my bag - sometimes that happens.

Typical Texas weather - we had temperatures in the 70s one day and the next morning sleet fell.  The dogs weren't too sure about the sound of it hitting the back door and they really weren't thrilled with it hitting their backs.  Although the black dog loves cold nasty weather (must be a lab thing).

The tabby cat is always helpful around the house.  This week she was helping me collect papers as they came out of the printer - just wish she didn't use her claws.   She is always entertaining.

One of those wonderful warm winter days before the humidity and rain moved in.  I love Texas for many reasons but the wide open spaces and rural landscapes are on the top of my list.  More clouds can often lead to more interesting images.

It is February, winter, but along the coast in Texas nature is thinking about Spring.  I saw early signs of it in my backyard.  False garlic blooming already - so there will be an end to this winter.   Another top of my list things -- Texas wildflowers -- can't get enough of their beauty and love when many of them show up in my yard - on their own (my kind of gardening).

I go through spurts of using my phone and Instagram more than my big camera at times.  If you'd like to see more of my Instagram images - find me as sherrycb.  I hope you'll check it out.  I'm planning to post more wildflower pictures as they appear in my yard (rule around my house - no mowing sections of the yard until they've gone to seed - I have a big yard).  I've also got another photography project in mind that I'm working on (planning stages) and may put it out there for a group project - just something fun  -- for now (always a possibility for it go further).

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winter Update

This winter has been a busy one for our family.  We've gone on some adventures (camping and one-day trips), passed around a few illnesses (flu-A, walking pneumonia just to name a few), and are generally ready for spring.  A few quick pictures from the last few months:
Thanksgiving was wonderful - enjoyed the family time and took lots of pictures.  We enjoy this lake.

Christmas concerts for all of us -- I think we played in 4 concerts between me and the kids.  But we love playing with our bands.

Of course horses were involved.  A horse show and lots of lessons.  I think they kind of like each other.  She earned an end of year award from Houston Dressage Society as well -- nice recognition to end a tough year of riding (she's been growing way too fast).

She and I also took a quick girls trip to Texas A&M to check out one of their hunter shows in their new equestrian complex.  It was a really nice facility - hoping she gets to be involved in some capacity with the team while she (hopefully) attends A&M in a few years.  For us it was a very educational experience - nothing like what we are used to for shows.   (A&M won against New Mexico)

And believe it or not - we camped a little.  The dogs kind of show you what we did a lot of -- nothing.... it was cold, rained a lot more than was forecasted and we had several things go wrong with the camper.  But knowing we will also have an adventure - we just chalked it up to our typical family fun; still managed to do a little hiking and see a few deer.  We've since decided we aren't winter camping people.

One last note - My personal essay (about winter) was fortunate to be included in the Shutter Sisters online publication of X: Our Collective.  You can find them (and my essay) here.  

Looking forward to spring, but grateful we are not dealing with what the northern US has been dealing with during the past month.  Although this morning we did have some sleet - sounded like someone was throwing rocks at the door.