Sunday, October 21, 2012

Focus 52 (2012) week 42 Up Close

Since we enjoyed a campfire this weekend, I thought a macro shot (105mm lens) of the red hot coals would be something different.  Watching fire can be so engrossing - it truly does breathe.  This fire served many purposes on Saturday evening - kept us warm (temps dipped down a bit at night), cooked our potatoes for supper (fire roasted - yum), chased the mosquitos away (who knew we'd still be battling mosquitos in October), provided an image for this prompt (I also shared on instagram), cleaned up from supper (burned our paper plates), and of course s'mores for later. 

Took a few other shots of native plants and a few landscape/scenic shots as well - may share them on the blog later if they turned out decent.  My personal souvenir from the weekend - chiggers -- again - who would have thought those suckers would still be active in October.  Made it a camping trip to remember!!

Linking up with Two Scoopz Focus 52 weekly prompt (first time in several weeks).  Visit Jan's website to see more macro/up close images.

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