Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Mystery Solved & Happy Halloween

A few weekends back we camped in East Texas (in the Piney Woods & near the Big Thicket), and  early Saturday morning I ran across this sign posted on the campground dumpster.  I thought it might an early Halloween prank or even crazed raccoons - but definitely knew I wouldn't be visiting the dumpster at night.  I posted the image on Instagram and unfortunately no one could identify it either.  However, Texas Parks & Wildlife did ask to post the image on their facebook page and wow did it get the responses - last time I checked over 100.  The best thing about the posting - mystery solved.  It is part of a creepy/scary computer game called Slender (you can visit wikipedia to read about it - I know that website is not reliable for many things - but I think it is safe enough for this subject).  I'm sort of glad I didn't know what it meant at the time; I might have been truly creeped out (historically weird things have happened and continue to happen in E Texas).  It was interesting to read the comments - someone posted that they thought the poster made it up & posted it themselves - uh - no I didn't. 

Halloween will be interesting this year - kids no longer dressing up, we almost forgot to buy our pumpkins (too hot to carve, then our schedule got in the way), horse riding lessons on the same day, etc., just won't seem the same this year. 

For the East coast affected by Sandy - hang in there - things will return to normal at some point - living along the Texas gulf coast - I certainly have been in your shoes.  In fact you can still spot a few houses that haven't been totally repaired from hurricane Ike 4 years ago. 

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween & remember - Slender man is watching... ha ha ha ha ha.

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