Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Focus 52 2012 (Week 22) - Right Now

I'm going to try & post a few more images throughout the week for the prompt of "right now" through Flickr, but this is my first.  I've been waiting for this sunflower to open - a lot of stalk for a small flower (the birds planted it from the blackoil sunflower seeds in their feeder), but a beautiful yellow perfect flower.  I love sunflowers (& daisies) - they speak of spring/summer to me.  I know there are tons of sunflower images out there, but this one I took & is more towards artistic (for me) than my usual - all lined up nice & neat.  So in response to the prompt of "right now" -- guess right now I'm outside admiring the beautiful flowers on a very warm, clear Texas day.

This is slightly cropped even though I used a 60mm macro lens (used one hand to hold a branch out of the way while steadying the flower from the slight wind),  and I couldn't resist a little messing with some HDR stuff - just to get the layers of yellow I saw.  The sky is really that clear blue today (yeah for Texas).   I may try to find a nice quote/verse to put on the side - or not.  I think I'll order a large print of this for a friend who needs happy stuff in her room this summer. 

Linking up with Two Scoopz Focus 52 this week (I've missed a few weeks).  Click here to see other "right now" images.


  1. LOVE THIS!!!
    Nothing better than a sunflower to put a smile on your face.
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Gorgeous colors and I love the bold graphic look of it.

  3. This yellow is so clear, and the translucent petals are perfect. I always love how light makes petals so tissue paper-like. Your composition is wonderful, Sherry!