Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fences

Nothing exceptional about this fence - other than:
  -  it is a section of fence from my yard
   - it is one of the areas of the fence that we replaced in the last several years (thank you hurricane)
  -  the variations in color are due to overnight thunderstorms (and for a region coming out of a historical drought - we are thankful)
  -  while some people dislike these types of privacy fences, we like that it creates our own special space in the backyard... our front yard is where we meet up with neighbors
  - this image is SOOC & back to basics, in that I dug out my first digital SLR (D60), put my kit lens on (18-55 f3.5), just to test out the old saying about no matter what kind of camera/lens you use - you should be able to capture a good image if you truly "see" as a photographer.  (I also plan to use that old camera to take pics at my son enjoying field day at school next week - going for light weight lately.) 

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  1. I agree with you about the privacy in the backyard and chat with your neighbors in the front!

  2. Yes, fences are nice boundary setters. We've had several put in and I always enjoy it, for several reasons. How good that you kept your D60 camera. It definitely is a great and lightweight camera. Mine went to my son so no backup. Have a great week. Happy you have had rain. We need some now.