Sunday, May 6, 2012

Focus 52 2012 (Week 18) - Morning

Just a quick post today for the Focus 52 prompt - morning, because this image represents the morning(s) that will affect me the most in the coming days.  Ever wonder what your town looks like at 3:30am?  I was curious, but not enough to really go out & look, however thanks to school trips that are only 24 hours long I got that opportunity this weekend. 

I grabbed my camera on the way to the school and while stopped - quickly took this image. There is another car far down the road - probably another parent returning from the school, in a hurry to get back to that comfy bed. 

Some of the "effects" - shooting through a (relatively) clean front windshield (star effect), stopped at a red-light (reason for the red tint/glow at the top).  My tripod for a night shot with no flash - my steering wheel.  Also helped that I used a f1.4 lens.  Image is SOOC - not even cropped - love that 50mm lens! 

Hoping I don't see my town in this kind of morning light again anytime soon.  Linking up with others for Two Scoopz Focus 52.  Click here to see other morning images. 

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  1. Nice job! Hubby takes a LOT of pics from inside the car and I just started doing some myself...Mine, however, aren't as good as his! He has a wide angle lens and I have a 55-200 mm zoom.