Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Rewind (5-7-12)

Not much excitement around our house this weekend.  Personally I'm still recovering from the change in my sleeping schedule for 2 nights in a row because of my daughter's 24 hour school trip (see post about Morning for more on that).   Part of the weekend was spent at the barn (as usual).  My son is working on his science fair project, which we are conveniently using the barn for, so school work was also on the list of things to do this weekend.  Here's a peak into his project.

horse manure - fresh
Yep - horse poop -- it is a boy's project afterall.  He is testing fly spray - store bought vs homemade vs nothing - counting flies on poop (which attracts flies naturally - its where they lay their eggs) is easier than using horses (have to get vet approval & several additional forms - did that last year - trying to make it easier/simpler this time).  Even if he doesn't place - he got to play with/use poop...

My personal to-do list this week is extensive.  Still trying to get back into my routine of taking at least 1 day to get out & take pictures - somewhere.  Paperwork type things (which are no fun) must be attended to this week as well.  Hope everyone has a fun week - we need a little bit of rain, which may happen... out of the drought, but could easily fall back into it. 


  1. What an imaginative project! I'm curious to know the results on this one. :) I hope you find new things to photograph for the week. Sometimes for me there is a lull, then suddenly, something comes to mind or sight and inspiration comes on again. Have a great week.

  2. Good morning Beverly!! I'll be posting a picture of the final science board I'm sure. We are having to re-do one of the tests since the data is so out of whack with the other 2 tests.. since we need 3 tests - we'll be able to throw out 1 (hopefully).