Sunday, June 10, 2012

Focus 52 2012 (week 23) - Get Down

Almost too busy this week to take many pictures, but managed to get one for this week's prompt - Get Down.

Feet - horse feet & girl's feet in rubber boots - this is what I saw most of the time this past week at ground level.  We helped out at the barn this week during several activities, so between the dirt, the heat & the horse work (tacking up, leading, etc) - I've been a little worn out.  Once a week my daughter washes tails & grooms those horses who don't get groomed/brushed regularly.  She's probably one of the few people who actually wear out rubber boots. 

Linking up with Two Scoopz Focus 52.  Click here to see other images that were taken from a different point of view - down.

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