Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Just a random image - but the words are all hers...

Hope everyone is having a good week.  We are busy and it is too hot, but we are enjoying our summer.  Obviously the cat(s) are enjoying the view from the comfortable air conditioned house.

Originally taken with my cell phone & can also be seen on instagram (without her thoughts); sherrycb.


  1. Hi sherry!
    Love her side pose and the one arm reaching out on the blind. Cats always appear to be "in charge of the place" no matter what they are doing. :) I love her color. A fun post today. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, with cooler weather.

  2. Hi Beverly - as always I appreciate you stopping by!!
    She assumes this position often & gets quite annoyed if the blinds aren't open for her viewing pleasure. Cats are funny/entertaining creatures. We had some rain, so that cooled off temps just a bit but brought droves of mosquitoes - almost thinking I'd take the heat again. Have a good week!!