Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Rewind (feb 6 2012)

This weekend was so busy I think I missed it - I know I missed sitting in my chair doing nothing for a little while.  We had the usual sports game to attend of course, but I also squeezed in a trip to the beach.  I had some specific shots in mind (actually re-taking some that I thought I could do better with - loved the components, but operator error/judgement).  These gulls looked like they were talking to each other - can only imagine what was being said. I think over the course of the weekend we also experienced all four seasons - it happens every winter & we still wonder why we are all sick. 

This morning I've been working on catching up the laundry, making my never-ending lists (to-do, grocery) and can't forget going through some of the pictures from the weekend (I could easily waste all day messing with them), drinking my hot tea with honey to help with the junk in my throat, eating a snack (so I can take aleve for my sorenss - getting older is not always fun), and listening to movie soundtracks while I work (not the pop-tune soundtracks - but the musical scores) on the computer.  I may need an intervention afterwards - some of the music created for movies is very emotional (especially when you've seen the movies several times -- Harry Potter - specifically #7, part 1 & 2), and the music sometimes really affects my mood - but I can't help it - I love it (and no one is around to tell me turn it off or even turn it down). 

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I'll let you know how successful I was in prying that filter off my camera - that's on my list today too.

How could I forget -- our usual weekend trip to the barn.  Couldn't resist a little HDR - clouds were cooperating - just asking me to take their picture.

My daughter stretches before riding - the horse wanted to watch.

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