Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paperwork Day

I admit it; I purposely didn't focus this scene - didn't want anyone to see how there isn't one thing checked off my task list; not to mention the growing mound of paper that needs attention.  So, today will be devoted to paperwork - just those little things like paying the bills (for some reason people/businesses want their money), filing, cutting coupons, updating calendar, making lists and just generally finding the top of this workspace.  It is seriously not one of my funner days, but I can't be outside or taking pictures all the time. 

This year we are working on our clutter, and I'm trying to get into a better routine for myself, which includes setting aside 1 day/week for this activity.  Also I'm planning 1 day/week to do nothing but take pictures - whether in my backyard or elsewhere.  That way I won't be trying to squeeze in my photography around everyone else's activities, while the house continues to function & not implode (I'm hoping).

I dread today so much - I'm already procrastinating (I'm blogging for goodness sakes).  Does anyone else have a set schedule or any ideas on time management that works for them?  Sometimes I feel like the older women who back in the day had a specific "washing day," but I'm all for it if it works.

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