Sunday, February 5, 2012


This is NOT what you want to see when you take off the lens cap.  Obviously I bumped it at some point - and the good news - I had already taken the pictures I wanted with that lens.  Also good news - this is the UV filter, I'm pretty sure the lens itself is fine.  Bad news -- the filter rim is bent & won't come off - going to try to gently pry it off since I need this lens -- can't wait for weeks for it to come back from the shop with warranty repair & I really don't want to pay to have it done quickly.  So, boys & girls, our lesson learned today -- ALWAYS put some kind of filter on your lens - if nothing else it helps protect the expensive lens in many ways (this is my 85mm f1.4 lens that I had to wait months for to be in stock last year).

UPDATE:  In the shop & waiting... 6-8 weeks....


  1. aghh!! this happened to me when I was on vacation in Florida, but I was able to take off the filter. Thanks for the reminder - I still haven't replaced it - and it is so important. I would be devestated if something happened to my lens.

  2. I'll be pulling out the pliers & the old-lady glasses for this operation. Of course it was a 77mm size too - the largest (& most expensive). I'll be visiting the camera store this week to replace the filter, assuming I'm able to get the broken one off.
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