Saturday, February 4, 2012

Focus 52 (2012) Week 5 - Cold

This week's prompt of "Cold" truly gave me fits.  Following was a few of my thoughts while trying to figure out what I could photograph to represent that prompt:
Weather - it has been in the mid 70s around here, so definitely no snow & not even chilly (in some areas I've seen wildflowers starting to bloom)
Object - yes ice and even a cold glass of water are cold, but I did obvious with another prompt.  I would however save this idea just in case nothing came to mind (maybe some different lighting behind the glass? - just thoughts)
Animals - I did think about the many red breasted robins who were gathering in my backyard.  We only see them in the winter (when it is supposed to be cold).  They must have heard my thoughts, as soon as I went to get my camera - they all flew away & didn't return until 2 days later - seriously.
People - I don't know anyone right now who has a cold (did think the picture with the cold medicines was great - thinking out of the box - which is obviously something I was having difficulty with).  You can see that photo here
Feelings - I drew a blank here too - our family really gets along & enjoys each other's company. I don't think my goofy kids could even fake a cold shoulder to each other. 

Friday morning I was walking out of my front door to pick up a friend - looked up - & immediately knew what my "cold" photo was going to be.... an abandoned bird's nest.  Usually birds line their nests with softness (feathers, animal hair, moss, etc) and the mothers sit to keep the eggs all snuggly & warm.  This nest was falling apart, never to be used again - so it felt cold (and sad).  Not sure if I did the right post-processing on it - may need to calm down some of my experimentation, but I think everyone gets the idea.  (thinking I really needed this to be as stark as possible with no hint of color in the background, & maybe a bit of cropping would have gotten more of the focus on the nest?  - I'll eventually get all this figured out - at least better).

Is anyone else approaching these weekly prompts like a school project?  brainstorming, outlining, laying out?  or is just my analytical self?

Although I did seriously struggle with this week's prompt - I am really enjoying this process.  I've never commited to a photo project like this & I am loving it.

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