Sunday, February 12, 2012

Black & White + Something

Just wanted to quickly share what I've recently started enjoying.  Black and white photos with just a hint of color added in - all over color/tint, not just a selected item.  This looks reminds me of the old black & white photos that were hand colored - watercolor (I have a set of Johnson Brothers dishes from my grandmother that use this effect - although it is more sepia - but I won't split hairs).  Anyway this is another HDR/fused photo that I slid the saturation bar all the way to 0, then just so slightly slid it back to add just that of touch in.  I can't wait to use this with other situations/images.  My other alternative reason for posting quickly -- I couldn't stand looking at my attempt at still life & wanted to move that posting down just a bit so it wouldn't look at me everytime I got onto my blog.  For those who were kind/encouraging - I really do thank you - but obviously I do much better with living horses out in the real world.

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