Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Rewind

This weekend our schedule was filled with our usual activities (sports etc), but we did have a totally new adventure too.  My daughter's barn decided to take advantage of our 75 degree January day & introduce a few horses to the beach & the surf.  It is always a lot of work going away from the barn, but it is worth it - it was fun for the riders/handlers, for the horses & especially for all the other beach-goers -- watching us.  Just wish the cleanup (sand, salt water) was as much fun (riders were wearing their paddock boots & 1/2 chaps).  Good news - I got some really great photographs (perfect photography weather - overcast, semi-foggy); bad news -- I lost a lens cap out on the beach somewhere... Our family did get a chance to relax and hang out together too (we even watched 2 movies)  - which we needed.  How was everyone else's weekend?  Do anything new or different?

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