Thursday, January 26, 2012

Exploring with a Camera - Windows

Our state's lone star pride can be seen throughout Texas in fences, decorative artwork, and windows. 

This photo prompt was difficult for me for a couple of reasons.  I drove around looking for an interesting window(s), not wanting to add any one (just my own decision), and when I decided to use this window/transom I was very self conscience standing in the middle of our town taking the picture (does anyone else get really self conscience taking pictures out in the open?).

My funny story about this theme/prompt - I originally had a great idea (I thought) to take a picture of the windows in the restored turn of the century (1900s not 2000s) train station reflecting a modern train passing by.  Well, seems like whenever you are in a hurry there is always a train -- this time I could never time it right to be there when a train was.  One day I was at the store getting out of my car - heard the train whistle - jumped back in my car & actually went a little out of my way to ensure I wouldn't be on the wrong side of the tracks from the depot.  By the time I raced around to the old depot - the train was gone -- again - the one time I needed a slower, longer train - I got a fast moving short one.  I give up.  Actually I do plan to take that picture, but I will get it when I'm not trying so hard & I will share it - I can just picture it in my head & it is great (I hope).


  1. I love your story of trying to get the train at the station! You will get it someday, I am sure. That is a beautiful window over the door! I'm glad you were willing to "stand out" a bit to get it. Yes, we all get self-conscious and we eventuallly get over it. Thanks so much for joining in with Exploring with a Camera!

  2. Love the "star" in the window! I was in Texas recently and noticed the "stars" everywhere!! Self-conscious? Yes, Very!! But, then I remind myself, these people don't really care and I'll probably never see them again anyway. I always think I may make someone smile as they tell the story of a crazy lady out in the street taking pictures of a window!! Hope you get your train picture!

  3. Great story, love your little star window.

  4. Thanks everyone for stopping by & checking out my photo & story. I will definitely post the train picture when I finally get it. I'm sure I'll get over being self-conscience at some point. Taking those shots would be easier to do if I weren't standing in the street of my own hometown though (but true - it does give people something to talk about).