Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Focus 52 (2012) Week 4 - Leading Lines

Have to admit as soon as I saw the "leading lines" prompt, I knew exactly what I wanted to photograph.  Yes, railroad tracks are obvious and simple, but I like the way you can't see what's at the end and they are great for black & white.  I was lucky to have a rainy day, so there were clouds to add dimension.  I shot in RAW and JPEG Fine so I could add the HDR effect (adjusting the exposures on RAW) on this as well, but only to add that little extra something to the final photograph.  As a side note - I parked and waited for the all the cars to leave (I even drove out into the country to photograph a relatively traffic-free crossing) before I jumped out & quickly took a few shots.  I've heard it is illegal to be on the tracks (not sure); technically I was standing on the crossing.  Anyone else wait around, then jump out of the car to get the shot when no one was around?   


  1. This is beautifully done! The overcast, cloudy sky is perfect.

    1. Considering our recent drought conditions - I was very lucky (and happy) to have a rainy day for this shot. Thanks

  2. Hi Sherry - I am putting together a train related poem for a client and your beautiful image is perfect for the background. Can you please let me know if am able to use the image and if there is a cost?
    Thanks so much
    Nancy Dietz
    Paperpoint - Melbourne Australia