Friday, January 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning in January

The calendar says January, but the temperature outside is in the mid-70s today and I probably should be outside enjoying the mild weather. In my region, we don't get snow, so no beautiful snowy scenes - we usually get some rain (which we need) and mud, sometimes cold freezing rain and mud - winter is not our best season (I'm sure this statement could be up for debate) - except that we do have days in the mid-70s.

There have been several free organizing ebooks available to download from Barnes and Noble lately and I have downloaded them all - inspiring me to do a bit of spring cleaning.  So with the air conditioner on in January, I am still breaking a sweat going through the pantry and the utility room; deciding what we can do without & what we really need to keep.  I have hopes that 2012 is my year to finally get it all together, decluttered, organized, & able to keep on top of my family's life (ha ha).  How are you spending your January days?  Personally I cannot wait to be able to go outside and see wildflowers like the ones pictured above in person instead of just reviewing them on my computer.

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