Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adventures in Exercise

After working for months to lose 10 pounds, I've realized the only way I will be able to shed the additional 5 to 7 pounds is to exercise - for real.  I've walked before (1 to 3 miles), and although it made me feel better it didn't do anything towards losing weight or getting into better shape.  Last week I added periods of slow jogging into a little faster paced walking routine.  My times ranged from 16:07 to 17:00.  I'm not breaking any speed records (and I don't wish to break anything on me either).  Its a start.  Growing up I was active (softball, marching band, gymnastics), and thanks to all those fun activities I've had shin splints, torn meniscus (both knees - never repaired), etc. all of which haven't bothered me too much until I kicked it up a notch.  Off to my (un)favorite store for a knee brace and inserts for my new shoes. 

The sky really was as blue as my SUV this morning.

Today's exercise report:  With my earbuds, hoodie (it was chilly with a biting wind), new brace, and new shoes I head out onto the track.  Start to 1/4th mile marker - walking, striding a little faster as I go.  1/4th mile marker to approx 1/16th mile or so (remember I'm starting out new & my body isn't new) - a slow, easy, short jog.  This first jogging segment was easier (finally) than last week.  Back to brisk walking, noticed brace wasn't exactly where I placed it when I started.  Stopped briefly to adjust it and lose some time.  Back to brisk walking and the wind blows my earbuds out of my ears (really?).  Nearly to 1/2 mile marker tried to see my phone screen to change music (no I don't have a playlist yet - it's on my to-do list) and realized I'm off the walking trail & nearly into the ditch (thank goodness no one was close by).  It was also time to fix that knee brace for real.  At this point I accidently stopped the stopwatch timing my jog/walk (didn't realize until I was finished).  Continued on.  A little way past 1/2 mile marker I jog another short section that went pretty well (knee brace and earbuds stayed put).  Brisk walking finished my one mile. 

After excercise snacks - water to wash it all down.

The good that resulted from all this:
*I completed my exercise for the day
*my pedometer already reads 1.67 miles for today
*I've had 3 servings of fruit (including breakfast) and 16 oz of water
*my knee brace (when placed correctly) really helped my knee feel more stable
*I have a new experience to share on my blog
*I have energy
*Its not even lunch time & I've accomplished more than I expected

I really don't care for running/jogging (was required with different activities throughout my life - I'm just not a runner), but I like the results of it.  I'll never run a marathon (or even 1/2 marathon, but if I could run/walk a 5K that would be a great accomplishment for me.  Oh and losing my last 5 to 7 pounds would be nice too.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Ah, you are speaking my language. I love that you are out and moving. I also hear a mental challenge holding you back at each step. The happy body springs from love. I am all for creating a happy body. Bring love into the journey and you will be greatly rewarded. Rock on!

    1. I'm still making my way to the track, going slowly, but still going and moving. I have definitely experienced the happy benefits of exercise and that is very motivating.
      Thanks for visiting and taking a minute to comment.

  2. Hi! like this post and your plan to lose a few pounds. I am working to get those 10 pounds off of me this last 2 weeks as well. Treadmill and trudging through the deep snow is now the daily practice. Was doing yoga for the last 3 months and it was too relaxing and not enough aerobic, (but my muscles are stretched and loose, so that is good) thanks for sharing your goal!

    1. I bought a yoga DVD with the intention of becoming more flexible and balanced during the winter months... except all I wanted to do was hibernate. I need to be outside, doing something. Good luck to you! I have a feeling my last few will be very difficult to lose.

  3. Well done on getting out there Sherry! I giggled at your words 'remember I'm starting out new & my body isn't new'. I feel exactly the same some days, but I try to take it in my stride and do what feels comfortable with the body I have. It's great that you have made a start! Best of luck.

    1. I haven't increased my jogging distance yet, but I can tell those short spurts are getting easier. I'm not in a hurry and it really isn't fun being sore/injured. I really don't like jogging or any exercise, but the end result is enough of a motivator for me (for now).
      Thanks for visiting and taking a minute to leave a comment.

  4. Running with a brace must have been uncomfortable, but I'm amazed that you’re soldiering on despite that and all other hindrances. This just goes to show that you are on determined gal and you’re simply amazing, that way! I hope you get to achieve all your exercise goals! Stay healthy!

    Ritchie Yip @ InFighting