Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Falling Behind

This structure pretty much represents my life right now - holding it together, but while parts are holding their own (passion flower) weeds (& fire ants) are moving in - just kind of neglected.    As the structure has been doing, I'm also holding most things together - we've been eating great homecooked meals, everyone has clean clothes and I've been reading, but the dust bunnies are creeping in, my inbox is at 200+, my to-do list is growing and the ongoing depressing dreary winter weather is hanging on (forever!). 

I've added taking back control over this structure to my list (and moved it towards the top).  It was originally to be our arbor house.  I had envisioned it covered in flowering vines, giving the kids and I shade from the intense summer heat while we hung out perhaps reading and enjoying afternoon cookie time.  We'll see. 

Even though the calendar says February I couldn't resist getting a little headstart (hey it is Texas - spring should be here next week!).  Finding this snail all snuggled down in the dense vegetation (aka weeds), reminded me of years past when my 6/7 year old daughter loved and collected snails - even used them for a science fair project (comparing what they ate in captivity versus in the wild).  I'm hoping to discover more as I clear around the arbor house (hoping for the same inside the real house too).  Spring cleaning and clearing is coming - someone just needs to let the weather know.

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