Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Icapocolypse - Part 2

The weather was predicted to be worse Tuesday than it was the past Friday - very cold, sleet, ice, and maybe snow (we don't see snow very often).  Schools closed once again, it was cold - but the serious stuff didn't start until the afternoon (but not the measureable amounts of snow).  I've read online debates on whether the schools made the right call (I think every school district within a 50 mile radius closed) - this was the 2nd "snow/weather" day we had in 1 week.  Was there ice? Yes.  Sleet?  Yes.  Snow? Yes (flurries at my house).  But most importantly, those of us living along the Gulf Coast do not know how to drive in anything close to icy conditions - I don't want to drive in it - and I'm glad the schools didn't take the risk.   So once again - we hunkered down in the house, especially when we could hear the sleet hitting the back door (sounded like someone throwing small rocks at us) and cooked, ate, watched movies, and generally stayed warm.   Next week the weather forecasters are preciting spring-like thunderstorms.  Seriously?? Growing up in Texas I know to expect anything in regards to weather - sometimes extremes during the same day, but seems like things are a little more weird than our normal-weird. 

I baked two whole chickens so I'd be ready to make whatever sounded good to us the rest of the week.  Homemade chicken noodle soup was on deck for last night - it was so good the kids took it in thermoses today.  (King Ranch chicken is up for later this week.)

We did venture outside to let the dogs run and to check out the ice.  We thought these icicles looked like snot (yes one of my kids is a boy).  It was just so cold - not what I like... but playing the waiting game for warmer days (which are coming in a day or so - before the next front blows through). 

So today has been a day of washing clothes, washing the soaking pans from the cooking marathon, general pickup from everyone being home more than usual, but our refrigerator is full of really good food and I already have Friday's supper planned - no eating out for us this week or even this weekend. 

Hope everyone is thawing out.

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