Friday, March 14, 2014

Progress, Obstacles, and Surprises

Seems like working through any project (or even through life) you will encounter some progress, a few obstacles, and even a surprise or two along the way.  My arbor house project is no exception.  A few minutes here and there working towards my goal, I discovered that some forward progress has been made.

There is still a long way to go, but the backside is being cleared of weeds and grass so that the dirt can see and feel the warmth of the sun.  It is very slow progress, but definitely still moving forward.

Clearly I've run into an obstacle and one that could stop my progress for a little while -- red fire ants -- and quite a large mound (hope they had a fun winter).  Getting past this, without any pain inflicted on myself, will be (not) fun... just need to decide the best plan of attack against these guys. 

I did find a nice surprise, hidden in the vine covered roof of the arbor house (still surprised these passion flower vines survived all winter on their own - no intervention from me - yes I'm the lazy gardener).... a dove's nest.  I hope she continues to build here so we can watch the progress from underneath. 
And lastly, a sign that spring really is coming - the first of the wildflowers/weeds in the yard - false garlic.  Delicate flowers that bring hope that the cold winter really will end.
Have a good weekend.  Spring break is coming to a close for us, but we really enjoyed the week.  I'll post soon about our adventures.  

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