Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Focus 52 2012 (week 17) - Signs of Spring

Because life gets in the way, I have been unable to participate in the last couple weeks of Two Scoopz's Focus 52 project.  Geting back into the groove has taken effort, but hoping it will become routine again. 

Signs of Spring - Brown-eyed Susans start blooming around April and prefers fields, pastures, and prairies; which is interesting since I have a clump that comes up every year in my yard - that I did not plant.  We have an unusual shaped yard, so seeds (& other things) sometimes blow in & surprise me when they bloom. 

Everyone knows not to mow over my patch of wildflowers - especially now that winecups and others have joined the patch.  I would love to see that patch expand - it would be no problem to see a miniature prairie of wildflowers thriving in one portion of my yard - all without any effort on my part.

Linking up with Two Scoopz's Focus 52.  Click here to see other images of spring.


  1. Thank you!! I actually broke out the tripod for this one - figured it would be good practice.

  2. These make me smile; they're a favorite in our family. Lovely shot, and the orange/yellow really pops against the green.