Sunday, April 8, 2012

Focus 52 (2012) Week 14 - Pastels

First off - it feels like I've been away for a very long time (nearly 2 weeks now) - out of town family visits, pinched nerve, very busy kid schedule (thank you state testing), and my own musical commitments have taken every bit of my energy and time the last few weeks.  I did not contribute to any of my usual photo challenges & haven't replied to comments on past blog posts (but those are coming).  However, I am back in the routine (I hope) and should be posting/contributing again. 

So, on to this week's photo prompt of pastels. 

Literally taken from my vehicle window (at a stop sign that I cropped out) - a beautiful Texas sunset this week - leaving the barn (where else).  Sometimes our sunsets look as if the sky is on fire with bright reds & oranges, but this one looked a little softer with a few yellows thrown in & the blue sky still peaking through. 

I'll admit I did a little HDR on this just to bring out all the shades of orange & yellows, but didn't adjust anything like saturation - this is pretty much as I saw it. 

Linking up with Two Scoopz.  Check out the website to see other beautiful shades of pastels. 

Check back here often - I have a lot to post/catch up on since my last posting.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.


  1. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for taking a minute to leave a comment!! Sorry for the delay in my response - getting back into the swing of this after life got in the way. Hope you visit again in the future.

  2. Welcome back, Sherry. This is very beautiful, and I like your HDR extra touch. It's striking, and natural. Beautifully done!