Monday, February 22, 2016

Book Review - The Raft

The Raft, a young adult book by S.A. Bodeen.  I wasn't familiar with this author beforehand, but it was a quick, easy read - no stumbling on sentences, grammar etc.  Obviously from the tag line  "No one knew she as on the plane when it crashed. No one knows to come find her." - you get a good idea of the storyline. The story is of her experiences before, during, and after the crash.  It's kind of a freaky, but believable story, and one that you'll think about after you finish it - mainly what the main character (Robie) goes through.  If I said much more it would give away too much.  The book has references to a few other currently popular novels (Hunger Games, etc). Probably frightening for kids (and many adults), but can lead to great discussions on survival, trauma, PTSD, and how your brain can work to help you mentally survive particularly stressful, life/death situations.  My suggestion - read this before your child does, so you'll be ready to answer the questions they will have while reading.

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