Monday, June 17, 2013

Starting Summer

Our start to summer has been as busy as the last several weeks of school:  marching band practice, cleaning out backpacks, getting used to a new routine, finalizing summer plans - but we took a quick weekend off to just relax and reconnect with each other.  A few shots from our (hot) weekend.

This looked like fun - for someone else - no way could you get me up there.  It was really breezy and I did see the operators monitor the windspeed a few times.  But a go-cart with a parachute, no thanks.

Like a good mother, I chased my daughter with a hermit crab.  On one part of the beach every intact shell you picked up revealed that somebody was already home. 

Don't know who was in this boat, but it made a nice image.  These were the true colors of the evening.  It was cooler, breezy and enjoyable in the evenings - except for the giant mosquitoes - wow were they out for the hunt. 

We really didn't do much this weekend, except for a little beachcombing, a little eating, resting, laughing - things we really needed to do as a family.  Now we are ready to hit the summer activities as some of us separate to do our own activities from time to time.  Hoping we can come together again at the end of the summer and recharge for the new school year. 


  1. Love that shot of the vehicle in the sky. I'm with you; I love to look, but I'm not going up there!

  2. It is about time to start doing those end-of-summer activities. It's hard to believe, but school starts at in four weeks.