Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Horse (& More) Wednesday

For the past several weeks I've joined Shirley for Horse Wednesday meme - however this week I'm going for the "More."  Not that I don't have amy horse images - I have TONS - but we have a new addition to our barn who I haven't seen yet & want to share with everyone next week.  So.... here's my "more" image.

The story  -- my husband & son have decided this year to be diligent about mowing our large yard (I think they just like riding on the lawn tractor).  However, their newly found enthusiasm has just about eliminated any wildflowers in the yard.  A single brown-eyed Susan has managed to survive the blades (last year I had a patch of them).  As you can see - I got down on the ground for an eye-level view of the single flower, propped up my camera with my elbows for a steady shot & wouldn't you know it -- an unintentional photo-bomber -- too funny!!!

Check out Shirley's Wednesday post - she stayed with the Horse/Barn theme this week & as always has wonderful images to share.  You can find her here.

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