Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Rewind (3-12-12)

We had a relatively low-key weekend because of the rain - so much rain.  I've blogged about the drought in this area and posted pictures of its effects, but Mother Nature -- it really wasn't necessary for us to receive our entire month's worth of rain in 3 days.  I borrowed this image from the Weather Channel online (love that site), this is not the final total for the month - they still have to add in rainfall totals since midnight Monday, so I expect us to be over our average (and further down the drought classification - we are definitely making progress).

graphic from
Saturday we stopped at an art walk in a nearby community - it was their first one and the weather definitely affected visitor attendance and vendors/artist participation.  However with the smaller crowd we were able to talk with the artists and watch a few work without being bumped into (my family doesn't care for crowds).  Those who braved the threatening weather presented some very interesting pieces - beautiful wood carvings, decoratively painted palm fronds, kitchen utensils hand-carved from reclaimed food-safe wood. 

hand carved serving spoons - reclaimed/salvaged woods
The painted palm fronds were mostly fish themed, but my daughter managed to find and purchase one that had been painted and slighted cut (for mouth) into a horse (no surprise there).  This was her first art purchase - hope she keeps it for a long time and remembers how her & her brother initially tried to complain about making this quick sidetrip - only to really find all the booths (and the artists) very interesting. (side story:  my daughter didn't bring any money with her - her brother just happened to have some spare cash on him - so he offered it up - they even hugged each other in public without me prompting them & she said thank-you!!  I've done something right!!)   Some of the artists hadn't quit their "day jobs" yet - they were local and somewhat getting their start.
brightly painted palm fronds become fish - a lot of salt water varieties
The rain - Sunday brought even heavier rains - and the one catastrophe from it all -- my wax myrtle tree.  Although I know the drought had a hand in weakening it; all the rain made it's feet soggy -it just couldn't hold on.  Hurricane Ike really started the tree's decline - it was never the same after losing one of the major branches.

at least it fell AWAY from the house & roof
When it dries up a bit, we'll dig out what is left and replace it - probably with a crepe myrtle - they do well in this area and will add some color with the blooms (and won't take out the house in case of a bad storm/hurricane).  I was a bit surprised the wax myrtle didn't make it - it is a native tree and thought it would have been tougher/adjusted to changing conditions better - guess the drought was too much even for our natives. 

Image details:  50mm lens, SOOC, other than minimal cropping (I know I've used that 50mm a lot lately - it is just what has been on the camera body & it doesn't weigh a ton).

Hope everyone had better weather than we did & able to get outside to do something really fun.  Ironically - many of my past postings have involved our barn/horse activities - the weather was too bad to go to the barn this weekend -- so a horse-free post.  I'd like to hear what you did, so I can be jealous!!  Have a great week everyone!!


  1. What a shame you lost your wax myrtle. I'll have to google it to see what it looks like in its glory.

    Painted fronds? Sounds interesting.

    1. The painted fronds were very original, I should email the artist and ask how to best preserve it - thinking in the air conditioning it might dry up?
      Wax myrtles release a nice scent when you rub against them - 1 reason why I liked it so much (not to mention a native needs less care).
      Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment.

  2. Nice to hear you like the 50mm lens. I don't have that one and think about getting may influence me. :) Those wooden spoons made by hand are wonderful, especially the darkest wood. Such a sad about losing your tree, but happy it didn't hit the house when falling. Have a wonderful week Sherry.

    1. Those 50mm f1.8 lens (Nikon) are pretty inexpensive (relative to cost of other lenses) - I didn't use it a lot, but have enjoyed having my camera with a little less weight & overall bigness. If you take the plunge - hope you post the results!!

    2. Meant to add - I'm currently using the f1.4 50mm lens & is what I used for all these shots. When taking pictures of horses in motion I need all the help I can get.