Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Being a Local Tourist

Funny, how many of us will travel 2 hours one way to attend an event for the day but never quite get around to seeing the attractions within minutes of our home.  Several weeks ago, we decided spur of the moment to go watch the San Jacinto battle re-enactment (Sam Houston vs Santa Anna) near the actual battle site.  The weather was typical for a Texas spring -- humid, on/off rain - with some storms around, very warm, insects all awake from winter and mud.  But it was this environment that we hoped would keep some people at home - and we were right.  Wearing old shoes and comfortable clothes we hiked through the muck to watch this (free!) event - and didn't regret our decision.  

Those cannons were loud!! even from a distance - no cannon balls shot - just powder.

It was interesting to see what the spectators were doing closer to the cannons - obviously many holding their ears - saw one woman on her cell phone! 

These poor teenagers -- they were truly suffering -- probably because of their parents' interest in history.  But they'll have great memories to tell their kids.  They were tough though - walking through all that mud, muck, grass barefooted - living history at its best.
The battle began and the Mexican army began losing soldiers to the Texian Army's bullets.
A victory for Sam Houston's and Texas wins its independence from Mexico.
And of course a victory lap!

If you live in the Houston area and have never visited this area - you should.  The actual site of the battle ground has markers explaining what happened at that spot.  The Battleship Texas is docked there as well.  I wouldn't suggest an August visit -- that ship gets hot really fast in the Texas sun. There's also the Lynchburg Ferry to ride that has its own history.

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