Monday, March 2, 2015

Photography E-course

I'm starting a photography e-course today (Everyday Magic) by Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens, so I'll be posting some of the images here as well - not to become a target of random, rude criticism, but hopefully to a) give myself some accountability for keeping up with this course (it's so easy to sign up and hide and eventually fade away from the group and the assignments), and b) show and share my improved progress throughout the course.   I've taken a course from Tammy in the past and I appreciated her being present and involved throughout the course.  If you aren't familiar with her work - please go check her out here - especially her "morning view" series of images and book (and she really does own a couple of beautiful, curious cats).

Not everyone has a great view out of their back door.  Living generally in the coastal plains area the land is pretty darn flat - no pretty mountains in the background or forest to photograph.  Typical neighborhood landscape means my back door view is a fence and other houses (and a backyard full of holes - thank you black lab dog -- with a few trees and plants still in their winter dormant state).  My town is small, so nothing sleek and modern with a bustling downtown area, and not many historic buildings have survived progress. So I struggle with the concept of having a morning view worthy of photographing and sharing (and driving around looking for a nice view kind of defeats the concept of a typical "morning view" for me).  However I went out this damp, chilly morning and looked around my backyard and did find a few things to photograph (you may be seeing these same things over and over - just progressing/growing over time - just a warning!!)

Onward to a few images.

It was very wet outside, dew and some light rain.  I like that the fence is reflected in the bottom of the glass feeder.

My favorite from this morning.  I didn't use my macro lens, but did use my big camera so I could have probably gotten closer and sharper with the other lens -- but you use what you have.  Milkweed seeds ready for the wind to spread them caught some of this morning's moisture.

For those interested:
Nikon D7000
16-85mm f3.5-5.6
auto focus & set on macro setting (yes I'm one of those who doesn't always go to manual - and I'm okay with that)

slight cropping
resized for web posting (originals are a bit sharper)

If you follow me on Instagram (sherrycb), then you know I have a tabby cat who makes life interesting.  She often makes appearances on my IG feed and hopefully she'll show up here too.

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