Monday, March 11, 2013



Darn time change has us all messed up - really don't like getting up in the dark, and it is too difficult to go to bed on time when the sun says come out & play later than usual.  Although I won't complain too much - we enjoy our long days (eventually).

Changes in the house - making messes in order to make it better  - as in going through papers and "stuff" - organizing and purging.  The process makes me a bit crazy, but hoping for a big improvement at the end (or at least a dent).

Changing our routine - temporarily - for spring break - we get into "summer" mode very quickly around here, but hoping to squeeze in something fun for a day or two.

Finally - this activity is dominating my time at the moment.  A necessary evil and one of the prompts that started the ball rolling towards reorganizing and purging.

Hope everyone has a good week & for those in the US - enjoy the shift of daylight hours!

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