Sunday, October 23, 2011


How many favorites do you have bookmarked in your internet browser?  I counted & I have 194, not including the ones buried inside folders (I didn't count the number of folders either).  That number is surprising to me especially since I thought I went through them every once in a while I deleted a few - maybe a few too few??  My favorites are websites that I visit everyday from world news, other blogs, a certain social network, nature/science websites, and yes some celebrity magazines (US & UK).  I don't have much free time to watch tv, so the majority of my news does come from the internet.  Some of my favorites are there because I might need to refer back to that information for a future project too - research, and some are there to help me with things I'm learning (photoshop tutorials, photography tips).  While others are bookmarked for items I think I may want to purchase in the future.  Parts of my house are going through a massive fall clean up/out - maybe I need to turn my attention to my favorites.  But if I delete the bookmark, should I print out the information & file it for future reference?  That just creates more filing for me - but then again I would have it forever in case of a computer crash.  How do you manage your bookmarks/favorites to keep them under control?

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