Saturday, August 13, 2011

Black & White Boots

Hard working shoes/paddock boots.

I recently took this picture as part of a photo challenge about shoes.  I have never participated in these challenges because #1 - I didn't have a lot of time, #2 - professionals throw their photos in there as well and #3 - I don't usually think my photos can stand up against others.  Although I really liked the way this one turned out, even if my subjects thought I was a little nuts - nearly laying flat on the ground while they were lined up leaning up against the fence.  This picture also forced me to learn how to add vignette to a picture - I know it is a very few easy steps, but only if you know which steps.  I've also sent this picture in to another very popular blogger's photo challenge for black & white photography (again professionals are in the mix).  I don't expect to even make the final groups of these challenges, but at least I've tried.  My only regret - I didn't pan up & get a picture of their faces while they were hanging out -- I kept my promise that I would only get their feet... maybe next time.

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