Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Backyard

I wish I could blame the hot dry weather for the state of my backyard, but I have to admit I had something to do with it as well -- or rather the lack of my involvement had an impact.  Since the hurricane a few years ago, parts of the backyard have become wildish areas.  But on the positive side, critters, insects, etc. have been spotted that I don't usually see.  On the negative side, dewberry plants are trying to take over too (and winning in some places - darn those things are hard to kill).  I took a quick walk around the yard this morning just to see if anything was alive & moving about.  I was surprised at what I found - a couple of green anoles (they are always around), a blooming soft green eyes (officially a native wildflower, not a "weed"), a few cicada skins (empty & dry) and a few new blooms on my lemon tree - and not to leave out - a few mosquitoes (guess that whopping .45 inches of rain this week really perked everything up.  Here are a few pictures from my morning walk.

soft green eyes

green anole

cicada skin
lemon tree bloom

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