Monday, May 16, 2011

Fighting Over Food

Before a recent quick weekend camping trip, my husband stopped at the store to pick up a few last minute items and came home with a few extra things that weren't on the list.  One of those items - a single can of Pringles potato chips.  That was fine for a special treat for our trip, but there are 4 of us in the family and 1 can doesn't go very far.  I volunteered to eat our regular food and let the others fight over the Pringles - which they literally did.  Each one has their own way of eating them too - my husband eats a stack all at once, while my children both eat them one at a time, but quickly.  I'm surprised no one was counting who was eating how many chips to make sure each one got equal amounts.  I promised that next time we decide to go on a weekend trip that I will buy everyone their own can of Pringles, put their names on it & when they eat them all - they are done for the weekend.  There may be bets on who ends up with chips at the end of the trip - I know it won't be my husband.

(UPDATE:  suprisingly the winner - or loser - who ended up with an empty can at the end of the trip.... my daughter.  In fact she carried her personal can of chips with her - maybe just in case she might run out of food.  The rest of us came home with some remaining chips.)

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